Unlock The Vault by Chivas Brothers

Our exclusive collection of precious whiskies and rare casks from across the Chivas Brothers portfolio

The Vault

We invite you to embark on a bespoke journey into the heart and soul of Scotch whisky, with the option for the very first time in Chivas Brothers’ history, to privately bottle one of our finest and rarest casks. Welcome to The Vault.

Masters of Aged


Ever since James and John Chivas first started maturing local Speyside whiskies in the cellar of their Aberdeen emporium in the 1800s, Chivas Brothers have prided themselves on being experts in ageing and pioneers of luxury whisky. Chivas Brothers’ current Master Blender, Sandy Hyslop, and his team understand, through dedication to their craft and attention to detail, how flavour is crafted over many years of maturation in the Scottish climate. Through rigorous nosing and checks, the team ensure every cask is maintained at the highest quality possible.

Rare and


Nurtured over the generations, Chivas Brothers has an incredible inventory of casks quietly maturing in Scotland. Our expert team individually nose tens of thousands of casks each year to maintain a standard of excellence. Every so often, this meticulous process leads to the discovery of a cask of exceptional quality; a unique convergence of time, oak, and alchemy, resulting in a whisky that stands unparalleled in its character.

These rare casks will become officially endorsed by Sandy Hyslop and his team. They are uniquely coded with their maturation location noted, one day soon to be kept aside in The Vault, only ever opened to a select few.